• Feed – allows you to see the new photos from the people you are following. It also allows to see any comments or \”that\’s weird\” from the people you are following, even if there action is not with your. It is more general. You can leave comments on any photo or hut the  to that\’s weird\” it.
  • Popular – allows you to see a thumbnail gallery style list of pics that Weirdo has automated as having the most amount of \”that\’s weird\” either for the day, week, month or all. It is an easy way to browse the most popular photos.
  • Share – is where you go to take pics, and tag new post. You can choose whether or not to display your location on every photo you share. Let users know where you are when you take the photo or just let them enjoy the picture.
  • News – will notify you when people follow you, or interact with your photos by either leaving a comment or \”that\’s weird\” them. Personal notification for actions only concerning you.
  • Profile/ @you gives you access to your profile and allows you to edit any of you full profile information. You can also check out your total number of photos, followers, people you are following and points. Find new or exiting friends via contacts, Facebook, Twitter or just search by username, all of this is done in the options tab located in the @you page. All Access (located in the top right) allows you to post/share photos with all Weirdo users. The name \”All Access\” means all Weirdo users will have access to any photos shared on this feed. For $.99 cents. All Access gives users an advantage to gain more POINTS, FOLLOWERS, AND EXPOSURE by adding their picture to the feed. When you capture Weirdo photo to share, you will have the option to share on All Access. If your picture is worth exposure to all Weirdo users, then show them with All Access. Also view other users photos who feel their picture is worth sharing with all for free!