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Create Custom Module in DNN

Custom Module DNN
by | 22 Jul 2013

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Using DNN module creation you can create simple and easy custom module directly from DotNetNuke environment.

You can create simple module from DNN application under the Host -> Extensions menu like below:

Custom Module1

After selecting Host -> Extensions page there is a Module Action to Create a New Module. As below:

Custom Module2

When you click on Create New Module it will popup with a new form that use to create new module. First you have to choose “New” from drop down to create new module.

Custom Module3

Each steps for creating new module are described below:
1. First Drop down allows you to create new module by selecting “New”.

2. to provide protection from conflict all modules are created in the DesktopModules folder, DotNetNuke provides two levels of folders where you can create your modules. The first level is the “Owner” folder – commercial developers use this level for their Company Name. If the folder you want does not already exist you can click on the Add Folder button to create a new Owner Folder.

3. The second level is for the name of your module. In this case I have selected Hello World. Again, if the folder you want does not already exist you can click on the Add Folder button to create a new Module Folder.

4. You next need to provide a name for the Module Control, and select a programming language – IN this case I have named the control HelloWorld and selected C# as the programming language.

5. Next you can provide a more friendly name for the module. This will be the name used to identify it in the application itself. You can also provide an optional description to describe what your module does.

6. Finally you can check this box to automatically create a “Test Page” to host the module.

7. Finally you can click on Create module button to create new Module.

If you check “Add Test Page” checkbox than it will redirect you to test page with already added module that we created.

Custom Module4

And finally your module is created and ready to use now you can add this module to any page using Module option from CMS menu.

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