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How To Customize Your Extensions & Extension Points with DotNetNuke?

Customize DotNetNuke
by | 05 Aug 2013

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When developing a website, there are lots of things involved other than the look of the website. The backend of the website is a very important feature from accessing point of view. Now with DotNetNuke, you can customize your extensions and extension points.
All you need to do is write the various extensions in scripting languages. Many developers find C#, .Net and DotNetNuke very easy to script an extension.

Most of the current versions of extensions are built using a series of programming languages but, they are created in such a way that each of these extensions is integrated into the DotNetNuke system completely. Each client system is developed in a customized manner depending on the client requirements and, each of these extensions is required to be developed keeping this in mind. There are several DotNetNuke developers in the markets today. Most DotNetNuke developers ensure cross system compatibility and hassle free usage of the system for the clients. A structured development is very important to any DotNetNuke developer.

What’s the Process?

Normally a DotNetNuke development undergoes a proper process. This process involves understanding the client’s requirement at first go. All clarifications are settled before beginning the process of creating a DotNetNuke Extension. Once the template is ready, the client is asked to review it. Changes are made if any else that would be considered the final template as per the client review. The charges of getting such extension templates developed are very inexpensive. A basic minimum charge is applied to such developments.

There are various extensions and extension points that a developer needs to consider which include authentication system which is useful while logging in. The other extension type is container that is then added to individual module pages as and when they are developed. A library of extension is also a kind of extension. The verification of an extension is also included in an extension development.

DotNetNuke Development includes all such dotnetnuke extension developments for the client as per the request. It is very important to understand the client’s requirement first though before beginning the development. Extensions and their development have become very essential for any company in present times, so directly contact the experts for a detailed discussion to create different custom extension in DNN.

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