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Are Single Page Application Websites and Google at Loggerheads?

by | 09 Dec 2013

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On December 9, 2013
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Single Page Application development is industry’s latest fad. It is an amazing way for organizations to showcase their businesses, but in spite of several benefits one page application websites offer, many hesitate to go for a Single Page Website on account of a major concern called SEO.

One page application websites are deemed NOT SO SEO friendly, but should this really stop you and make your business deprived of the advantages they offer? Food for thought !!

Let’s take a quick gander at the benefits of building single page applications which will also give you deeper insights into Why you should create single page applications before your SEO related concerns are addressed.

Benefits of One Page Application Websites-


The biggest benefit of a single page application is native app like swiftness it brings as all virtual pages are loaded into one web page and it’s easy to switch between pages as it switching between pages doesn’t demand a trip to the server.


One page application website eliminates duplication of pages visited which in turn helps in reducing load on the server.


Single page web app architecture allows you to access all the pages from one page. It’s hassle free to take content from one page and put into other. Isn’t that cool ?


You bet ! And the good news is that you don’t need to. That should bring a grin on your face.

According to the grapevine doing rounds for quite some time now. Google doesn’t like single page applications and little biased towards multi page websites. But the truth is different.

What does Google Think of Single Page Application Websites?

As per Google, it will give equal priority to single and multi page application websites, if all other factors remain the same.

Here are few you can do on your part to optimize your one page application websites for SEO-

Optimize your Keywords-

First things first ! Determine the keywords and phrases that are closely relevant to your business. Since you do not have the luxury of multiple pages at your disposal, you need to use keywords in title, meta tags as well as the entire content. Allow Google to crawl and index your page with as many relevant keywords as possible; however, stay hands off keyword stuffing !

Link Building/Referral Links-

Generating sufficient back links from reputable but relevant blogs or websites is the key. Needless to mention that social media platforms are also given considerable significance by search engines.

Create a Blog

Well, you are aware of this right? if not, better late than never! Blog gives you an opportunity to update fresh content on your website which is deeply adored by search engines. Create a blog on a different page of your single page application website. It should read like this nameofyourwebsite/blog. Use relevant keywords sufficiently on your blog as well.

Use Google Analytics

Once you are done following everything on the list, start measuring your performance via Google Analytics. This is a wonderful tool to keep an eye on how your single page application website is performing. Usually, it will take about 4 months to see results. So patience is the virtue you should not discard in the process.

You are now aware of the benefits of a single page application website.


Enquire about the company you seal the deal with. The ‘Single Page Application’ development company you choose should at least have 5 years of existence and experienced developers.

Hireaspdeveloper is an organization with more than 5 years of market existence and experienced single page application developers. We have developed numerous single page application websites that fare pretty well in terms of Search Engine Optimization.

Hope this post answers all your questions related to one page application websites.

Should you have any queries or doubts about single page application development process, we are just a click away. Drop a Query and we will be glad to answer all your questions.

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