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Exchange Information between SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange Easily

by | 06 Jun 2013

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On June 6, 2013
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Microsoft has always been promoting the advantages associated with integration of Microsoft Exchange with SharePoint. Microsoft Exchange 2013 has many fresh and rich sets of features to enhance the process of product exchange online. Bonding of SharePoint and Exchange server is gaining more significant to corporate and businesses.

Collaboration tools are useless if they are not integrated with an email solution. Both Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server (SPS) and MS Exchange Server are applications which are based on the Exchange Server Information Store. Both systems support WebDAV (Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning) and they have an uncanny similarity in the way they process HTTP client requests.

Microsoft Exchange Integration with SharePoint works with custom web parts for effective Unified Messaging solution. The integration presents one of the most affordable and reliable messaging and portal solutions ever! Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 is designed to:

Many corporate organizations and enterprises need an all-encompassing solution for communication, collaboration and sharing of critical data so that the right policies are implemented and the right decisions are taken.

Advantages of Microsoft Integration with SharePoint include:

We at HireASPDeveloper can bring in SharePoint to extend the Exchange Information Store with more and more database functions along with application procedures. The procedures would include relevant controls which are pivotal for document storage and also versioning of its copies. We help users to create workspaces and collaborative applications easily without having to custom code the application. Thus SharePoint would enable document sharing and its indexing with no interaction from IT staff.

Our qualified professional staff can deliver what is expected of them by our clients. All your queries are addressed to, and will make your experience of sharing of business information smooth, secure and seamless.

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