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Here Comes Xamarin 2.0, An Alternative to Java and Objective C to Write Native Mobile Apps

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by | 27 Apr 2013

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On April 27, 2013
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Developing mobile apps for smartphones such as iOS and android was mystery unless and until Xamarin Inc announced the availability of Xamarin 2.0. Xamarin 2.0 is a multi-platform mobile development product that allows visual studio developers to free their arms and create applications for Android and iOS based smartphones with their selected IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

Prior release of Xamarin 2.0, there were only two programming language (.i.e. Java and Objective C) available for creating native mobile applications for ios and android based smartphones. But history is no longer the same, as Xamarin 2.0 – an SDK produced by Xamarin permits android and iOS developers to write apps using C# code. It comprises tons of new features that can boost the process of apps development using Microsoft Visual studio and C#.

Company aims high for the product and is committed to idealize C# as the common language for mobile development. Xamarin.iOS in Xamarin 2.0 lets developers to code android, iOS and Windows apps in visual Studio by making use of C# and Microsoft .Net framework. It also supports lambdas, LINQ and XML.

Xamarin Studio in Xamarin 2.0

In the conference, Friedman concluded Xamarin.iOS as the most requested feature in Xamarin 2.0 and a single solution to aim all three mobile OS using Visual Studio. Xamarin Studio, an IDE in Xamarin 2.0 will allow programmers to design, develop, debug and deploy native mobile apps. Integrated Development Environment (IDE) permits mobile programmers to make use of C# and create applications for android and iOS devices. With the help of C# code completion developers can explore and target API of native platforms. With Xamarin studio’s debugger and support, packing and deploying of apps is made easy.

Xamarin Component Store in Xamarin 2.0

Xamarin Component StoreXamarin Component Store is yet another compelling feature exhibited by Xamarin 2.0. Company defines it as an app store for code. Here developers can find native UI controls, third-party libraries and platform-specific design themes. Components are aimed to streamline and simplify development process and will be available for free or on purchase basis.

There are many pre-built apps to boost the enterprise mobility projects. Xamarin is available in four different editions .i.e. The Free Starter Edition, An Indie Edition, Business Edition and Enterprise Edition. Here are the prices of editions; an Indie Edition is available at $299, a Business Edition is available at $999 and an Enterprise Edition, featuring premium components is available at $1,899. Price of products is also classified on per platform, per developer and per year.

Developers using Xamarin are available in the ratio of 50/50. And to enhance efficiency of its product company has compliance with all Apple and Google platforms requirements. GM of Developer Tools Marketing and Sales at Microsoft, Mitra Azizirad said, “Xamarin enables our entire developer ecosystem to extend their skills and build apps for all modern device platforms.”

With the release of Xamarin 2.0, it would be interesting to see how developers will make use this multi-platform mobile development product. Along with Java and Objective C, they have third to serve billions of iOS and android users.

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