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Building a Social Networking Site for your Business

Social Media Websites
by | 16 Dec 2013

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On December 16, 2013
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If I ask you to list down 10 things that changed the world in the the last decade, probably social media will top the list. With the emergence of social media and the rising of social networking giants such as Facebook, Linked in, Google+ and Twitter on the global firmament metamorphosed people’s perception about social life. How could businesses leave behind and not capitalize on the benefits social networking sites offer?

But before we port over the benefits social networking sites for businesses, let’s take a look at the impact it brought on people’s lives-

The Impact of Social Networking Sites on our Life:

Friends and Society: If you compare our lifestyle to as it was a decade ago, it’s quite evident that it’s now a lot easier to connect to our friends and society. Of course, mobile phones were there but then the rise of social networking sites spruced up the whole concept of socializing in a radical way.

Relationship Building: It wouldn’e be an exaggeration to say that relationship building has sort of become viral as well. Now you can see ‘Friends of Friends’ on social networking sites and choose to connect with them as well.

Finding Likeminded People: Social Networking is a good platform to find likeminded people which is less likely outside the virtual world given our busy lifestyle. Again it’s connecting with people.

Social Networking Sites- Some interesting Facts and Figures:

Isn’t that Incredible! But people like us have made social networking what it is today but is that just confined to individuals?

The Answer is a BIG NO

Businesses are where the individuals are and understandabaly it brings benefits galore to the various trades across the globe.

What are those benefits?

Benefits of Social Media Sites for Businesses-

Instant Support to Customers- Social media is a wonderful platform for businesses to listen to the grievances of their customers  and provide them with instant support which can turn their agitated customers into happy customers

Branding- Social media has redefined branding for businesses across the globe. Since it adds to brand recall value which can otherwise cost a hefty sum of money, this is certainly a benefit trades adore.

Cost Effective- Social media is cost effective. You can reach out to your target customers in a cost effective manner.

Communicate with your Customers- You can connect with millions of your customers and make them wary of your discounts, offers and latest events instantly.

Ok, so while we can go gaga over the benefits these existing social networking sites bring to the table and with reasons of course ! you may be wondering why you need to build a social networking site for your own.

Why You Should Create a Social Networking Site for your Business?

Niche Market- The biggest advantage to create a social networking site for your business is that you can connect to your niche market as people joining your social networking site are surely interested in/related to your products, services or latest events in some way or the other.

Uniqueness & Brand Recognition- To have your own social networking site for your business will add to the brand value of your business which is undoubtedly an added advantage.

Community- As aforementioned, tapping into the niche market and connecting to people helps you build a community around your business which again adds to the brand value of your business resulting in mouth to mouth advertising on the virtual business sphere.

Revenue Generation- You can not only augment your own profits but also allow others businesses to advertise their businesses.

But this is not it because developing a social media networking site for your business requires creative and technical brains who are up to the minute with latest market trends.

Hire a developer from an organization such as Hireaspdeveloper which has a reputed track record and plentiful successful projects under its belt.

Hope you find this post informative and enlightening !

Should you have any queries or suggestions about social networking site for your business, you can contact us and we will be more than happy to answer your queries.

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