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Microsoft SQL Server 2012 – Its Features and Reasons, Why Your Business Need It?

Microsoft SQL Server 2012
by | 19 Apr 2013

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SQL server satisfies the need of comprehensive and highly scalable reporting solution that aids enterprise in real time decision making. Lately released, cloud-ready information platform of SQL server “SQL Server 2012” will assist organizations to expand their database by building solutions across on-premises and public cloud, backed by mission critical confidence. Operational reports for pixel prefect printing, ad-hoc data exploration and visualization, and browser-based viewing can be created with SQL server 2012.

What’s New in SQL Server 2012?

Why MS SQL Server 2012?

SQL server 2012 gives insight into data and lets your people to perform their task effectively. Now the time right, when you must reward your business with intelligence of Microsoft SQL server that counts features like superior reporting, in-depth analysis, master data management capabilities and complete integration with MS office. You need MS SQL Server reporting to share information your people need across your organization and also for following reasons.

Reason No 1

For ROI of upto 189% with 1-year

Amazingly, SQL server 2012 guarantees ROI between 149%-189% with a projected 12-13 month payback period. Below are the reasons, why must invest in SQL server 2012:

Reason No 2

Microsoft DBAs runs more mission critical databases

Oracle DBASeveral customer case studies revealed fact that a single Microsoft DBA could manage over 65 SQL Server databases whereas single Oracle DBA could manage only 15 databases. There’s a 460% difference in costing per year between Microsoft SQL server and Oracle.

Reason no 3

Enables One Million Commands per Second

Incredibly fast, a reporting server contains the information about a transaction with 1 million commands in just 1 second. Previous it was 950 seconds for 9 million commands. Today, it is sent in just 3.5 seconds.

Reason No 4

Highly Secure Database Platform

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has crowned Microsoft SQL server as the most secure database platform, when compared to other database platforms.

Reason No 5

Stands and Scales to 250 Million Subscribers at a Time

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 scales 250 million subscribers of Red Knee TCB. From performance analysis, 250 million subscribers generated 26 million invoices within a six hour billing cycle, and mediated 4.9 billion call detail records within 12 hours.

Reason No 6

Cut 460% on Annual Costing

Several Customers case studies exposed fact that a DBA could run over 65 SQL Server databases, whereas Oracle required one DBA per 15 databases. The annual cost for SQL server is $1,605 per year and that for Oracle is $7,385, which is a 460% difference.

Reason No 7

Join Leader in Business Intelligence

Microsoft is crowned as leader for Business Intelligence Platforms by Gartner. Business Intelligence (BI) platforms allow creation of applications that aid organizations to understand their business. According to Gartner, BI’s 14 capabilities are organized into 3 categories namely: integration, information delivery, and analysis. Current business trends demands all these three at a time for success.

Reason No 8

It can process 14.8 million mails in 24hrs

This benchmark study was conducted by Open Text that unveiled the fact that Microsoft SQL server 2012 can process 14.8 million emails in just 24hrs. Compared to other servers, it is 15 times higher than the usual message eating volume.

Reason No 9

Join hands with Leader in Data Warehousing

Gartner has crowned Microsoft as a leader in Data Warehousing.

On the basis of its comprehensive vision and capacity to perform in the data warehouse DBMS market, Gartner has ranked Microsoft SQL server as no 1 for Data Warehousing.

Reason No 10

SQL Server’s Power Pivot voted as eWeek’s Top 10 Technologies

Power Pivot is a tool that adds new kind of spreadsheets that lets users to access much larger sets of data than feasible with excel alone.

Reason No 11

Reduces Downtime by Over 20%

Just by migrating SAP ERO environment to SQL server 2012, you can reduce downtime by 20%.

By reducing Downtime by 20%, cost on IT labors could be trimmed down by nearly 25%, and 85% on ongoing software support. Viewable results may emerge after around 9 months and you can annually save up to 30 to 37 percent.

Reason No 12

Save 80% in Reporting Time

Microsoft SQL Server 2012After weighing-up almost 20 Business Intelligence solutions counting those from IBM and Oracle, Havas Media (Advertising Firm) positioned Microsoft data warehousing and BI solutions into operation to take advantage of superior reporting capabilities. Report generation time was reduced by 80% with improved client services and now company judges that BI services will drive business growth.

Reasons are enough to justify that why you need Microsoft SQL server 2012 for your business. It helps organizations deliver predictable and trending performance supported by customer, partner, and industry-leading benchmarks.

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