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Why do you need to create Single Page Web Applications?

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by | 19 Nov 2013

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More and more people are turning to the internet for answers. This calls for building Single Page websites and Single Page Applications that can be easily navigated through. In the recent times, many of you might have developed websites that are an absolute delight to the users. In fact, many of these websites or applications would be a replica of their native versions giving ease of use to the users. But, then there’s a slight problem that most of these websites face. You would have come across these complaints from users as well. Slow loading and issues with refreshing the websites being the most common of them.

What a user actually wants is a page that takes less uploading time with its speed and flexibility. This is where the Single Page Applications come into picture. Here’s why you should use the SPA.

Single Page Application: Introduction

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The whole application that was initially allocated to an entire website is now loaded onto a single web page. This web page is then loaded on to the web server. When a user interacts with this kind of page, you would notice additional data being pulled from the server. Apart from this data, there’s no change in the way the page appears to the user. In fact, all you need to do is build a code to the single page and there’s no need to refresh or change pages. Apparently, this is convenient to both you and the end user. While it’s easy for you to build this kinda application, it’s also offers convenient and flexibility to the user.

Improves Usability
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There’s a clear separation related to concerns hence the SPA would come across as clean. This results in faster time to market this specimen of coding. You can create a non-linear experience for the users using the SPA. With round trips the browser just blinks before the whole page comes into existence. Thus, the response time is majorly lowered in this case. With browsers, you can be sure that they do not possess the capability to handle excess memory or garbage and hence if users work on DOM without a refresh, they find it difficult to handle. This becomes extremely easy with SPA as there is no need to refresh or, save space in the garbage.

Flexibility Commanded

JIRA, a collection of SPA can work with the help of existing boilerplate architecture. Sub applications can be created in a way that even when the user presses refresh, he is able to explore in no time, hence there is no problem with response time. This application makes allowance for use of third party languages like jQuery, making it simple to code. You can even build this application using common scripts like boilerplate or, custom scripts like view model.

So, if you are looking at excellent user experience, you can build SPA. The flexibility and usability this application commands would definitely get you hits and enhanced reach.

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