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Have You Used Google Plus’s Intelligent Photo Search Feature? It’s Awesome.

by | 06 Jun 2013

Search engine giant “Google” is known for presenting search results in most unique and summarized manners. It brings information from across the web, including images, news, posts, and videos. Stepping ahead, this tech giant has simplified the process of searching your personal results and profiles of people whom you know or follow on Google plus.

With its advanced photo search feature, Google plus users can now search their own photos using Google Search and through their photos hosted in Google+ Photos. After logging into your personal account, search query of “My Photos” will present you personalized results of your Google plus photos. Based on machine learning, this system also fetches results for queries such as “My Photos of Food” or “My Photos at Hilltop”

google plus

It’s Easy To Search Images Of People Related to You

With recent updates, Google is working hard to improve the user experience both in mobile as well as on web. Along with its intelligent photo search result, you can also have your hands on some other advance features such as Auto Highlight, Auto Backup, Auto Enhance and many other highly anticipated features.

Some big blog websites also claimed intelligent photo search result to be the best unadvertised feature of Google plus. Actually the feature hit the shelf last year, when Google drive introduced advanced image search feature powered by Google. This feature is now carried to Google plus. Google drive is backed by the highly advanced image search technology ever had in any only storage service.

Many web pundits believe that photo search by Google is still not perfect and need some further enchantment to be impressive. According to them it fetched no or dissatisfactory results to their search query. But they also said that when it worked, the results were awesome.

This photo search feature of has something in it and will surely achieve its desired milestone. Don’t forget to have your hands on this update released by Google and even don’t forget to share your thought about Google’s intelligent photo search feature.

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