Birthday Reminder

Birthday Reminder* is an app developed especially for people who have a forgetful mind. It helps you not to forget the special days of your loved ones like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. This app is also useful for businessmen that have a busy schedule all day and can easily set a reminder for getting notifications of very important events, it may be a conference meet that has been scheduled or a surprise party that has been planned. This is an easy way to keep track of events, birthdays, holidays and other special days.

Birthday Reminder* includes some great features:

  • One can import birth-dates directly from Facebook or Contacts.
  • You can also add unlimited number of events and reminders manually.
  • You can select an image and template as default in the Settings options

for wishing a person on the notified day. (Built-in Images and templates)

You can also set a reminder as per your convenience:

  • On Date
  • One Day Before
  • Two Days Before
  • Three Days Before
  • Date Calculator is an excellent feature which allows you to add in the \”Start Date\” and \”End Date\”. Then the time duration calculated is presented to you in Months, Weeks and Days
  • Age Calculator is another interesting feature in this app that calculates one\’s age in Years, Months, Weeks, Hours, Minutes and Seconds.
  • You can post best wishes to your friend\’s Facebook or Twitter Wall. You can also send wishes via SMS, phone or mail.

Birthday Reminder* is an app that proves to be useful in one\’s busy scheduled life and with such amazing feature one cannot miss to download this app. Get the most out of this feature-rich reminder application today!