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What are currently the Best ASP. Net Content Management Systems?

by | 17 Oct 2013

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The reason for the growing popularity of ASP.NET CMS platforms is because of its high flexibility and security. There are many content management systems out there, creating confusion in the minds of business professionals  and aren’t able to decide which CMS platform to choose for satisfying their web development requirements (web applications, portals, eCommerce stores, etc.).

Some of the content management systems are very complex and require a certain level of technical expertise while few are totally based on simplicity and ease-of-use, allowing designers the flexibility in templating features and customization. Depending on your needs, we have listed some of the best ASP.NET CMS options that are available with commercial licenses or open source code.


DotNetNuke CMS Development

It’s the most renowned of all CMSs and the reason why it’s a busy development platform is because it supports multiple versions that can accommodate an amateur web developer, small and medium businesses or even a large scale enterprise. This open source CMS can be easily installed and can be made functional in very less time.


DotNetNuke CMS has been around since 2003 and it’s definitely the prior choice if you are looking for something that’s proven.


ASP Orchard CMS Development

Brought into the world of open source development by Microsoft , Orchard is a powerful community that is backed by a team of professional developers from Microsoft.  This opens source platform is continuously evolving and each release come with valuable and interesting features, bug-fixes and performance improvement.


If you are looking for a CMS that offers enough space for customization and a comprehensive set of features, it’s got to be Orchard


.Net Umbraco CMS Programmer

Umbraco is popular among designers because of the open template system and its ability to automatically format the content structure. Powering some of the well know brands including Sony, Heinz Weird and more, Umbraco is one of the best CMS available till date and has an extremely active community support.


Umbraco can help improve managing your website.


Hire Kentico CMS Developer

Kentico is another CMS that offers you multiple licensing options and is being used by more than 15000 websites in 90 countries. Its area of interests are Content Management, eCommerce and Social Networking.


This CMS platform in ASP.NET is being used by ESPN, Samsung, Vodafone and others. Kentico offers a complete set of features for building any kind of website on the basis of your requirements.


Rent A Mojoportal CMS Developer

MojoPortal CMS is written in C#. NET and is great for building dynamic, SEO-friendly and content managing websites.


This open source CMS is not as matured as DotNetNuke but when you jump in to     experience it, it performs well and is packed with features that you really need.


Microsoft ASP.Net Sitefinity CMS Development

This is a professional CMS employed by many government websites and leading brands like Coca-Cola and Toyota. Sitefinity uses the Microsoft .Net standards such as master pages and controls for managing templates. It is also effective from SEO aspect- you can optimize a site for managing the URL structure, meta information and extension-less pages.

Sitefinity includes some enterprise features:

From mobile websites or apps to responsive web design, Sitefinity has the ability to deliver content to any screen resolution and also offers an exceptional online presence to engage with your customers.


Hire ASP N2 CMS Coder

This is a lightweight ASP.NET based CMS framework that allows you to build amazing web sites which can be updated by anyone. It offers you a perfect set of APIs and APS.NET controls to place the content in the right areas.


N2 CMS is the ideal and easy way for managing the content of your website.

Composite C1 CMS

Composite C1 CMS Development Company

This is a free open source CMS that focuses on developing corporate websites (customized web sites).


All of these make. Composite C1 is a customizable and scalable product and all of its major releases have been voted as the ‘best CMS’ at CodePlex

Have you made the choice?

Some of the other well known Content Management Systems include SiteCore, EPiServer CMS, MonoX and more. ASP.NET  seems to have a great number of quality options regarding CMSs with every passing year. So Whichever ASP.net CMS you decide to choose for your development effort, we are here to help. You can be rest assured that you’re at the right place for your ASP.NET CMS Development needs.

  1. After I read your post I think this template we can use in our work so we can get create a more user interactive website. Thanks for sharing this template.

  2. Nice, article, i would like to add Sitecore and Episerver to this list.
    Those are both pretty highend systems, especially Sitecore has excellent tooling for A/B testing and behavioral targeting.

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