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How To Develop A Cost Effective Windows Application With Microsoft Silverlight

Windows Application With Microsoft Silverlight
by | 27 Jun 2013

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Microsoft Silverlight is an excellent tool for producing rich internet applications and media experience on the World Wide Web. When it comes to creating graphically rich and fully functional business, entertainment and utility mobile applications for Windows platform, Silverlight and Windows together create magic.

Silverlight Development is highly rated for producing data-comprehensive business and utility applications. It facilitates separation of logic layers from UI allowing the Silverlight based programmers and designers to work together.

What makes Silverlight the ideal platform for App Development?

Some of the important features of Silverlight which include XAML, Deep Zoom, Controls, Styles & Templates, IIS Smooth Streaming Dependency Properties in Binding & Styling, HD video, the MVVM Light pattern, etc. makes it the most effective and powerful platform for developing applications for Windows Phone.

Being a programmable web browser plug-in, the cross-platform flexibility of Silverlight with out-of-browser support makes inter-portability of back-end logic easier over different platforms.

A framework that is comparable to Adobe Flash in its orientation and utility is capable enough to incorporate graphics, animation and multimedia interaction on a single runtime environment, to support language-integrated query through POX, JSON, RSS, REST and a wide range of third-party codec, to integrate Ajax and Java Script with its rich class and libraries. All these make Silverlight such an amazing technology for Application Development on Windows Phone.

Hireaspdeveloper- The Prime Source for Silverlight Application Development

The runtime of the event-driven framework is enhanced and preferably suited to the tight memory environment of Windows Mobile components offering visual control represented via pre- built layout for tasks including inputs, UI making, playback, gestures, etc and numerous stock controls like Bing Map Control, Button, Text Box, Control Box, Media Element, Web Browser etc.

The Silverlight Development avails the resource dictionaries and styles to navigate the common controls. On Windows Phone, it supports a clear-cut navigation style of the web, providing page back-and-forth and history stacking methods to facilitate easy integration with the navigation model of the Windows based Mobile device.

The framework is combined with the Visual Studio .NET integrated development environment and has helped Silverlight programmers of Hireaspdeveloper in extracting the best of the .NET Framework and the Silverlight API in producing Smartphone applications on the Windows Phone – quickly and affordable, with remarkable ease of development.

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