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4 Major Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Online Sportsbook

Online Mobile Sportsbook
by | 26 May 2014

Over the years sports have transformed into a bigger entity that not only serves the purpose of entertainment, but also fulfills the socio-economical purpose. No wonder that on account of 200 Million potential users across the globe and yearly turnover of more than $400 Billion, online sports betting is one of the most profit making industries worldwide.

Sports betting has taken different forms such as betting exchange, local betting shops, and online sports betting websites (also known as online sportsbooks). Online sportsbooks have become quite popular over the years and are adored by both bookmakers and bettors alike.

Major Reasons To Start Your Own Online Sports Betting Business-

Reason #1- Humongous Global Revenue:

Estimated to be around $9.6 Billion in Year 2011, the online sports betting industry is estimated to be $528 Billion by Year 2015.

Reason #2- Advancements in Betting Legislation and Flexibility

Online sports betting business and websites are under strict scrutiny of the state authorities, but advancements in betting legislation and flexible jurisdictions have made life quite easy for bookmakers. Nowadays, online gambling licenses are issued by various governments across the globe. This is also one of the reasons why online sports betting websites rule the gambling industry.

Reason #3- Turnkey Online Betting Software

A number of IT companies provide quality software to help you set up your online sportsbooks. Reputed companies such as HireAspDeveloper offer multiplatform turnkey online betting software development services for real time online sports gambling.

Reason # 4-Odds Supply For Online Gambling

There are a number of odd suppliers who offer comprehensive odd supply packages covering a plethora of sports, leagues and sporting events held in countries all over the world. Somone starting a new online sports betting website can also go for integrated fixtures, scores and statistics for an up to the minute online sportsbook

Stats Suggest Mobile Sports Betting Is Here to Stay

Mobile Sports betting is sizzling hot and stats suggest that it is here to stay. Mobile sports betting allows people to bet on their favorite game or player on the go. Regardless of where they are- in a grocery market, local pub or airport, they can place a bet in a jiffy. Smartphones and tablets can easily handle live stats and video streaming which makes mobile sports betting equally popular among punters as well as bettors.

  • Wagering at online casinos and online sportsbooks on mobile phones is expected to touch $100 Billion by Year 2017 out of which industry profit is estimated to be around $45 Billion.
  • More than 40% of online sports betting action will be represented on mobile phones.

How Can We Help With Online Sports Betting Site Development?

If you have any queries about online sports betting website development, responsive mobile betting sportsbook, turnkey online betting software or any other aspect of online sportsbook development, then feel free to Contact Us.

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