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Make studying an easier and enjoyable by e-Learning Solution Provided by us

At Hireaspdeveloper we provide lucid, attractive and interactive microsoft e-learning Application Solutions that can hold learner interest for hours without distractions. This we accomplish by following a systematic work flow and development process.

First we clearly and unambiguously identify e-Learning needs by defining the goal of the e-learning application and its users. Only then do we submit options for microsoft e-Learning applications to our client.

If the client requires it, we plan the e-Learning system in accordance with standards such as Sharable Course-ware Object Reference Model (SCORM) or Aviation Industry CBT [Computer-Based Training] Committee (AICC). Then we determine whether interoperability is important to the e-Learning application.

Features common to all e-Learning apps built by Hireaspdeveloper:

  • High quality, prime course material making the most complex concepts easy to follow and assimilate.
  • Simple but feature-rich learner-application interface
  • Creation of a naturally immersive atmosphere conducive to learning
  • Intelligent and intuitive interactions between learner and e-Learning application
  • Well laid out, categorized and hierarchical content to create a smooth and steady learning curve
  • Retention of learner\’s interest through the use of creatively designed course modules
  • Intuitive and easy-to-follow continuity between course modules
  • Searchable course catalogues

Our e-Learning course\’s administrative facilities include:

Structure, format and functionality of the Course Material:

Hireaspdeveloper can create all kinds of e-Learning Courses such as:

If any of the above applications fit the bill of your requirements, or you have the development of some other microsoft applications in mind, call us for hire microsoft e-learning developer on 708.539.9514 and speak with one of e-Learning development experts or email your requirements to enquiry@hireaspdeveloper.com for a prompt response with a solution for all your e-Learning needs.

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