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Use the power of SharePoint to maximize your business\’ productivity and efficiency

Our SharePoint developers at Hireaspdeveloper have been building custom enterprise sites by using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010 since the first release of the software. Company-wide portal sites or Internet presence sites being a couple of examples of our accomplishments deploying SharePoint 2010.

Our customized SharePoint 2010-based sites combine coded elements, such as Workflow, Document Converters, and Web Parts, along with content, such as master pages, layout pages, graphics files, and Web pages.

Deploying the best development practices, our Hireaspdeveloper can set up multiple environments for developing, integrating, piloting, and deploying coded elements and content from one environment to another.

Designing and implementing a fully customized enterprise portal or Internet presence site will require system architects, designers, developers, testers, infrastructure specialists, and other specialists. An expert and widely experience team of such professionals can be provided for your project by Hireaspdeveloper at a very reasonable cost.

we can execute all three levels of SharePoint customization :

At Hireaspdeveloper we provide you with a developer-centric approach. This can give your application a number of advantages:

  • Artifacts and code are managed in the same configuration management system.
  • All custom elements of the site can be reconstructed and deployed from the configuration management system. This is useful in distributing sites geographically and in disaster recovery.
  • A baseline environment can be maintained for disaster recovery or for rolling back from bugs.
  • The test/integration environment and pilot environment can be deployed using production-level artifacts.
  • Developed and authored elements are maintained by using similar tools and processes.

The Process of Hiring and working with our SharePoint developers

  • Firstly all documentation shall be prepared and mutually agreed upon. This would include terms of agreement, a Work Breakdown Structure.
  • Then we schedule the development process and set milestones for the development work.
  • Lastly we will construct a wire-frame of the site for your approval and modify according to your instructions.
  • Work begins and proceeds according to set milestones.
  • You will remain in constant touch with your developer who will send you daily progress reports.
  • You also been assigned a Project Leader who will internally supervise your developer and keep in constant touch with you.

End Result: On time delivery of a quality product.

Other Advantages of Working with Us:

  • Working in shifts to match the different time zones.
  • Guaranteed confidentiality
  • No hidden cost involved
  • You full rights over all code produced for you
  • We work according to your convenience not ours!

So call us today on 708.539.9514 or email us your requirements at enquiry@hireaspdeveloper.com and we will respond promptly with the most powerful and cost-effective solution in the software development market today.

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