Hire Dedicated Microsoft Silverlight Developer

Hire Silverlight Developer & Keep your site moving with the times

Microsoft Silverlight is ringing in the next generation of media experience on the internet. In its latest version it can be implemented across all major browsers and platforms.

At Hireaspdeveloper we develop Silverlight Application using the Microsoft ASP.NET Framework and incorporate them in Rich Interactive Application (RIA) for the web.

The major advantages of Hire Microsoft Silverlight Programmer are:

  • It runs in all popular browsers and platforms so our developers can create Silverlight applications in any .NET programming language and tools.
  • High Quality Video Experience
  • It can be easily uploaded and run on various mobile platforms.
  • The plugin required to run Silverlight is very small in size hence gets installed very quickly.
  • Microsoft Silverlight integration to existing applications
  • Silverlight\’s USP is that it combines different technologies on a single development platform that allows you to integrate it seamlessly with existing JavaScript and ASP.Net AJAX code to complement functionality which you have already created. Hence developers have the freedom to use any .NET programming language and with any tools of their choice.
  • Microsoft Silverlight Application add drag-and-drop functionality, and improved animation, high-definition video quality and printing. They also offer enhanced speed and numerous other features.
  • Cross-Platform, Cross-Browser Remote Debugging
  • Our Silverlight developers include out-of-browser capabilities for writing non-web-based applications; application that support HTML allow tighter integration with web servers thus reduced amount of code needed due to enhanced data-binding support and reduced time.
  • Highly secure application, which update automatically
  • Microsoft Silverlight offers copy protection
  • Rich Internet Application(RIA)
  • Sky-scraping level of cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility

Our dedicated silverlight developer can make your website much more attractive and interactive by creating useful and aesthetically appealing animations that give users a \”LIVE\” experience on your site.

With Silverlight we create faster streaming media and video-on-demand applications for your website. One popular example of this is Netflix that makes extensive use of Silverlight features to provide users with on-demand movies.

Hire Silverlight Developer for Industries Like:

  • Social networking industry
  • Healthcare industry
  • E-commerce industry
  • Medical Industry
  • Media/publishing industry
  • Sports industry
  • Logistics industry
  • Finance/Accounting industry

The Process of Hiring and working with our Silverlight developers.

  • Firstly all documentation shall be prepared and mutually agreed upon. This would include terms of agreement
    , a Work Breakdown Structure.
  • Flexible- Hire Silverlight developer- plans that help you overcome your budget and time constraints
  • Then we schedule the development process and set milestones for the development work.
  • Lastly we will construct a wire-frame of the site for your approval and modify according to your instructions.
  • Work begins and proceeds according to set milestones.
  • You will remain in constant touch with your developer who will send you daily progress reports.
  • You also been assigned a Project Leader who will internally supervise your developer and keep in constant touch with you.

End Result: On time delivery of a quality product.

Other Advantages of Hire Silverlight Developer From Us:

  • Working in shifts to match the different time zones.
  • Guaranteed confidentiality
  • No Hidden costs. You pay work the actual work done
  • You full rights over all code produced for you
  • We work according to your convenience not ours!
  • Daily reporting so that so remain updated on progress of your project

You can Hire Dedicated Silverlight Application Developer or find out more on what Silverlight can do enhance your websites image and appeal call us today on 708.539.9514 or email your queries and requirements to enquiry@hireaspdeveloper.com.