iPhone Application Development Services

Our iPhone Application Development Services

Create magic on your Mobile Phones

At Hireaspdeveloper we have very strong team of iPhone developers who have been developing iPhone apps since the inception of the device itself. As a consequence, we are capable of developing iPhone applications with simple functions to very high-end sophisticated applications making optimal use of the features of iOS4 and iOS5 using clever X-code modules and programs.

According to client requirements we can develop all kinds of apps for the iPhone including :

To develop any and all of these applications we keep certain design and
development principles specific to the iPhone foremost in our minds.

    • Always create a very \”Human User Interface Design\”.
    • Precisely decide, and stick to, features you intend to deliver.
    • The iOS is optimized for multitasking by design therefore all apps must:
    • Handle interruptions or audio from other applications gracefully.
    • Stop and restart (that is, transition to and from the background) quickly and smoothly.
    • Behave responsibly when not in the foreground.
    • Create beautiful, custom app icon that people will enjoy seeing.
    • Use the iPhone\’s hi-resolution display to maximum effect.
    • Use a storyboard-based Xcode template to build a basic app then build prototype to test on the device.
    • Make use of Xcode templates for apps demanding fast turnaround times.
    • When appropriate, finish user-initiated tasks in the background.

Keeping these basics in mind our team of iPhone Developers have developed hi-quality and cost effective apps for several verticals including:

And the above list is still rapidly growing

so if you have an idea or concept for an iPhone App we would be eager to hear it. Call us on 708.539.9514 or mail your requirements to enquiry@hireaspdeveloper.com and you will responded to with enthusiasm, alacrity and above all, a cost effective and workable solution.