IQ++ is a cleverly designed and developed brain racking game to test your intelligence quotient

Game Instructions:

Among 4 interesting categories In this game- actress, actor, soccer and tennis, you can choose one of your choice and 6 images will be displayed on your screen. Your iPhone then randomly selects an image from the 6 images on the screen followed by 15 questions on the screen. These questions will help you to guess the right image that the iPhone has chosen.

Game Specifications:

Each category has 3 levels: For guessing the right image, you will have limited time and attempts for each level are as under:

  • Level 1 will have SEVEN attempts in 90 seconds
  • Level 2 will have FIVE attempts in 60 seconds
  • Level 3 will have THREE attempts in 30 seconds

Depending on the number of attempts and the time you have taken to guess the image, your score will be calculated. You can share your scores on Facebook and Twitter as well.