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With the recent onslaught of high-end open source technologies Microsoft Software has managed to its own and not just because of its ubiquity. But ease of use, stability, and security provided by Microsoft packages has yet to be matched by its open source rivals.

At Hireaspdeveloper our .NET our experts know how to extract maximum mileage from Microsoft\’s web application development software and have developed several stable, highly functional and secure applications using the latest ASP.NET Framework to create web applications in a number of categories.

Microsoft Business Intelligence

This offering from Microsoft considerably eases development of business applications while providing maximum security for data storage and online financial transactions. Other features like Dashboards, Report generation, Predictive Analyses and Data Mining and Data Storage are all provided in highly secure environments for developers while giving end users the assurance of stability and security of their personal data because Microsoft has been around for so long that it is now simply synonymous with the concept of \”computer software\”.

Microsoft SQL Database

This is another software that has become the world standard for database design, management and report generation. With large suite of support software SQL has become the first name that comes to a software developer or end users mind while considering data storage options. Some of our SQL Server application developers have been working on the software for almost a decade and customization of storage and reporting applications and facilities have become second nature.

DotNetNuke CMS

This open license data storage application too is built on top of Microsoft\’s ASP.NET framework by making full use of the frameworks functionality and security features. Being open source our developers have been to study it thoroughly so they can provide powerful, secure yet cost effective data storage options for clients looking for the right balance between security and economy.

Rich Internet Applications

Using effective combination Microsoft graphics software like Silverlight, Flash, Flex, WPF, Photoshop,CorelDraw, and Illustrator, we can create attractive pages for websites on any platform. Giving your visitors an enjoyable experience at the same time effectively conveying your company\’s message with simplicity, lucidity and a higher degree of recall value.

Silverlight Application Development

This relatively new graphics package from the Microsoft stable is only just beginning to show its true colors and potential to create incredible websites that can capture and retain visitor attention for as long as you please. Its cross-platform nature allows Hireaspdevelopers designers to create rich, interactive, reusable and compatible graphic and animations that will work exactly the same on all browsers and web hosting platforms.

So don\’t you be waiting too long, web technology is evolving rapidly and we are you sure you want project a \”with it\” and savvy impression of your company or organization\’s technological foundation.

Call us for hire a dedicated microsoft expert at 708.539.9514 and speak with one of our ASP.NET Project Managers before hire a microsoft software developer or email your requirements to us on enquiry@hireaspdeveloper.com You will receive a range viable and optimized solutions based on Microsoft ASP.NET platform from us within 24 hours.

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