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Add sheen and shine to your website using Silverlight graphics and animations

As the new kid on the block, Silverlight is already making waves in the World Wide Web of Website Graphics Design. Being a Microsoft product and closely integrated with the .Net Framework and Windows Servers you may say it has an unfair advantage over other graphic animation software like Flash and Flex.

Well, fair or not, the designers and developers at Hireaspdeveloper are making full use of said advantage and creating some outside animations in Silverlight Application for a number of regular and rich application websites.

Microsoft Silverlight Development Features:

  • It\’s deployable across All Platforms
  • Has a very small sized Plug In
  • Supports High Definition Graphics and Video
  • It is robust, safe, secure and easily scalable
  • It combines almost seamlessly with ASP.Net, AJAX, and JavaScript
  • Can easily integrate audio and video for Windows streaming
  • Can also integrate your website graphics with your Windows Mobile
  • Its ability to interface quickly with existing applications allows the creation of highly interactive applications.
  • Can be scaled up or down to fit in with small, enterprise or mobile applications.
  • Today, Silverlight is the most preferred cross-platform and cross-browser framework.
  • Its applications are rapidly being developed for Custom e-Commerce sites, Advanced Web Applications, Mobile and Tablet Apps, and small business e-Commerce sites.

Need we say more?

Welcome to the Internet of the 21st century. To find out more about what Microsoft Silverlight Application can do to add that extra spice and zing to your website hire microsoft silverlight application developer call us on 708.539.9514 and speak with one our silverlight website expert designers or email your requirements to You will be responded to in a Microsoft Silverlight and not a Flash!

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