Rich Internet Application Development (RIA)

Let us guide you into the era of Rich Internet Application Development(RIA)

The primary principle we like to follow while designing Rich Internet Applications (RIA) Development is:

\”Less is More\”

With a plethora of design and graphics tools available today, many designer get carried away by their own \”genius and productivity\” resulting in crowded web pages with each feature demanding attention and the crux of the message you want delivered gets \”crucified\” on the cross of Flash and CorelDraw.

\"RIA-Ajex-HTML5At Hireaspdeveloper the message you want to deliver to your target audience is given the pride of place on any web page we make. Although we do deploy the latest design and animation technologies in the market today, it is done with subtlety and efficacy in order to enhance your company\’s message instead of drowning it in a sea of unnecessary color and motion.

Yes, Content is King, but only when displayed with finesse and grace.

The Rich Internet Application(RIA) created by the Microsoft developers and programmers at Hireaspdeveloper are certainly attention grabbing but the \”grabbed attention\” is focused on the core of the message our clients wish to convey.

By using a number of design and graphics software like Silverlight, Flash, Flex, WPF, Photoshop, CorelDraw, and Illustrator, we create attractive pages that lucidly and simply enhance your website\’s primary content and message, instead of distracting viewers from it.

Rich Internet Applications(RIA) are tools to enhance visual appeal and recall value. Since the advent of Ajax, new technologies have been popping up left and right to join the Rich Internet Application(RIA) movement.

\"RichAmong these technologies are frameworks that help developers build and deploy rich internet applications(RIA), such as JavaScript libraries, ICEfaces, Adobe Flash 4 (formerly Flex 3), Microsoft Silverlight, WPF and HTML5.

Silverlight is a good option if your web application requires complex graphics, if your team is made primarily of ASP.NET developers, or if your application uses an event-driven architecture.

However, any discussion on Rich Internet Applications (RIA) would be incomplete without HTML5. HTML5 is the latest development in the Rich Internet Application (RIA) movement and still in its nascent stages. HTML5 is, in essence, the result of merging the best of HTML4, JavaScript, CSS, JavaScript libraries, and Flash into a single specification that leverage the API model. HTML5 is an open technology, which means there isn\’t going to be a single governing body like Adobe for Flash or Microsoft for Silverlight. Although HTML5 can handle graphics very well, using Flash and Silverlight for complex graphics and animation is still easier/faster at the moment.

Our designers are closely following these latest developments in website design and this is clearly reflected in their body of work.

An Rich Internet Application (RIA) normally runs inside a Web browser and usually does not require software installation on the client side to work. However, some Rich Internet Applications (RIA) may only work properly with one or more very specific and specialized plug ins.

So if you would like to make create an attractive yet informative site or enhance the graphic appeal of your existing website hire dedicated Rich Internet Application (RIA) Developer call us today on 708.539.9514 and speak to one of Rich Internet Application (RIA) experts or email your requirements to for a prompt and visually promising response.

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