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Create and manage customized SQL reports using our MS SQL expertise

A database\’s functionality and usefulness is only as good as the ease of accessing and presenting of the information stored in there. This where MS SQL report generation comes into play. When Microsoft released Service Pack 2 (SP2) for SQL Server 2005, they added a new feature called Custom Reports and included it in Developer, Standard, and Enterprise editions of Microsoft SQL Server as an install option. This gave birth to Report Definition Language (RDL).

RDL reports can also be viewed using the ASP.NET Report Viewer web control or the Server Report Viewer Windows Forms control. This allows server reports to be embedded directly into web pages or Microsoft.NET Windows applications. The Report Viewer control processes reports in one of two ways: (a) server processing, where the report is rendered by and obtained from the Report Server; and (b) local processing, where the control renders the RDL file itself.

SQL Server Reporting Services also supports ad hoc reports. This is where the services of our SQL Developers and report Designers come in.

Our SQL Developers can also use the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) which allows users to build customized reports. Thereby providing the ability to retrieve and format only required information into easily accessible and readable reports. Reports can be generated in a variety of formats including Excel, PDF, CSV, XML, TIFF (and other image formats), and HTML Web Archive. SQL Server 2008 SSRS can also prepare reports in Microsoft Word (DOC) format.

The customization of SQL reports by Hireaspdeveloper has a number of

without compromising on accuracy of information and quality of
presentation by:

  • Encouraging insight by giving them flexible authoring capabilities.
  • Accessing and combining data from virtually any data source to create more meaningful reports.
  • Securely viewing and sharing reports directly from the web.
  • Streamlineing collaboration and data management by using integration with Microsoft SharePoint Server.
  • Scale as and when needed.

Our report customizers design visually rich reports from disparate data sources. By incorporating rich visualizations including charts, gauges, indicators, sparklines, and data bars in the SQL Server report. We can also design scripts to access new SQL Server data sources, including Parallel Data Warehouse and Microsoft SQL Azure.

Finally, by relying on a semantic report model, we enable users in building reports without having to understand the technicalities of underlying data structures.

For ensuring free and accurate data flow and meaningful utility-based reporting across your enterprise, get in touch with one of our Microsoft SQL Server Report experts on 708.539.9514 or send them your requirements via email at Rest assured we will promptly respond with a viable, workable and innovative reporting solution that will maximize the advantages of using Microsoft SQL Servers across your organization.

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